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  • Please do not spam in this section

    Bà con xin vui lòng đừng tán dóc trong những thread nghiêm túc.. we need to focus to the quéstions so please do not jump in with a nonsense msg(s).. if you know the answer or any advices for questioners please go ahead and submit yours

    Thank you

    Rampage II Extreme | i7-920 @ 4.1ghz | OCZ 6x2Gb DDR1600 7-7-7-24 | eVGA GTX2600 | Seagate 2x300Gb 15.6K SAS in raid0 | WD blue 3x640Gb in raid0 | Adaptec 5805 SAS controller | MCP655 Pump | EK Supreme HF block | X-FI ExtrmeMusic | Logictech Z-5300 | Antec Quattro 850W | Dell 2408WFP

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    Thank you CC
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